Quality Control Tools

Utilize Spray-Tech Quality Control tools to ensure perfect GFRC results every time.

Digital Non-Contact Thermometer
The ideal thermometer for QC personnel

 Accurately identifies the batch temperature within seconds with no probes and no wires

Test Basket
Stainless Steel Mesh

For the determination of the glass content of an uncured GRC composite

Slump Tester
For the determination of the slump 
value of cement slurry

The dry tube is placed on the target plate coincident with the innermost ring and is then completely filled with slurry under test. Care must be taken to expel any air bubbles, if necessary, by gently rodding the mix.

 The tube is then lifted vertically off the plate by hand thereby allowing the slurry to flow over the target area of concentric circles. The slump value is given by the extent of flow of the slurry and is expressed on the scale 0-8. Three tests are carried out and the results should agree within 1/2 a ring.

Bonding Pad Pull Test Machine
For testing the adhesion between the bonding pad and the GFRC panel


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