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Spray-Tech Inc. has 125 combined years of experience in the GFRC industry. We were the first company in the world to spray the premix design at a 4% glass-to-cement ratio. The premix equipment and mix design was developed for the Sheppard Hall Building/Community College located in New York. This consisted of over 5000 molds and 2.5 million pieces. Premix is now used in many other applications in the GFRC industry. Spray-Tech Inc. has set up over 200 companies within the United States and internationally. These include: Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Santa Domingo, Canada, Africa, China, Brazil, Spain, Ireland, India and Bahrain.

The Spray-Tech Inc. training facility has bed rooms with all the comforts of home if the client would choose to stay with us while here for consultation. We offer all meals and transportation to our clients during their stay.

Our company also has a manufacturing facility called Renaissance Stone. This was the first company to do multi-color finishes to simulate Terra Cotta. We have also worked on over 300 Terra Cotta building replacements and restoration projects, including Architectural GFRC panels. Renaissance Stone produces home furnishings like fireplace mantels, over 50 different styles of planters, tables and bases, statuary, columns, artificial rocks and much more. Our facility will also provide training and testing of materials. You can view this on our web site at

Our Faculty includes:

Owner - Kirk Coon
President - Justin Coon
Production Consultants - Kent Coon, Bill Fricke and Patrick Sabin
Mold Fabricator - Michael Wolfing

Kirk Coon

Kirk Coon

Kirk Coon

Kirk Coon




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Lincoln, Nebraska 68507
Telephone: (402) 466-1645
FAX: (402) 466-1752


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