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At Spray-Tech, we are committed to giving the GFRC industry more than just raw materials or GFRC equipment. Our commitment is to offer a full GFRC solution to companies willing to enter the challenging world of GFRC.The GFRC TurnKey Package consists in a GFRC operations consolidated in a 20 foot container which can be shipped around the world. It allows a company to start producing high quality GFRC in a few weeks.
Our GFRC TurnKey Package offers the
following products and services
  One Full Equipment Package Including
Check Out the DK104 Mixer
Click For Mist Coat Gun Details
DK104 Concrete Mixer Mist Coat Gun

See Small Aggregate Premix Gun Specs

Hopper Gun Specifications Click For Concentric Gun Details
Premix Gun Hopper Gun Concentric Gun

  One pallet of Alkali Resistant (AR) Glass Fiber

  Four drums of Forton Polymer VF774

  Five gallons of mold wax

  Five gallons of Spray-Tech's release 50

  Two rubber molds to produce samples

  Other products:
One set of test baskets
One thickness gage
One slump board
Six rollers

  Literature and Manuals:
Equipment assembly manual and video
Maintenance manuals.
One copy of the GFRC Recommended Practices
One copy of the Cem-FILâ Premix and Spray Guides

  Consulting Services
Two days of consulting and training at customer's location.

OPTIONAL: Rubber Mold Kit
One VS 3000 Rubber Sprayer
Three kits of Spray 50 Rubber Material
(50 durometer urethane)
Fifty static mix tubes


The GFRC TurnKey Package comes in a consolidated 20 foot container which will include all the above products. Price will be discussed with customer on an individual basis to respect needs and requirements.

Note: The customer is responsible to supply quality graded sand and cement. Spray-Tech is available to make recommendations on these materials.

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